Background and Introduction


The club was formed sometime in early June 2000 in order to better support and serve the needs and wishes of R/C model-airplane fliers in the National Capital Region who wanted to fly electric models. The two founding members were myself, Rod Woolley, and Jeff Dessert, a fellow e-flight enthusiast. (Jeff came up with the name on a whim, and we decided we liked it.) Other members soon joined (especially when they learned membership is free!)

Our club is registered with MAAC (club #622, December 2000), & has strong ties with the Ottawa Remote Control Club.

We have several large flying fields to choose from, and this makes it easy to meet and fly with like-minded electric enthusiasts away from noise and distraction of glow models, and the inconvenience and obstruction of the high-starts and tow-lines used by glider fliers. Our fields were registered with MAAC in early January 2001, and they lie just off RR19 or River Road (the road running past Drummond’s gas station in Manotick, and the Swan Inn/Hurst Marina, see location section.) (We use several fields so we have somewhere to fly if a specific sod farm is stripped and replanted.)

Indoor get-together meetings are held in the Barrhaven area. They commence in late September and run until the end of May. These meetings cover all relevant topics, including choice of models, motors, speed controls and batteries etc. Various building methods and building tips are also be presented and discussed, plus where to obtain materials etc. Anything and everything related to electric flight is covered in fact! Club special offers are often arranged so members benefit from bulk buying. A club kit or construction project is included during most winter sessions. Indoor flying sessions are also held through the winter at the Earl of March high school.

Current plans are to pursue:

i.)                       Electric pylon racing both indoor and outdoor but with the emphasis initially on sp400 outdoor racing for beginners and advanced pilots

ii.)                      Zagi racing and Zagi combat (supported by club kits)

iii.)                    Electric off-water and off-snow flying

iv.)                    Night time flying

v.)                     Aerial photography

vi.)                    A beginner’s foam cheap quick build project and beginner training and assistance.

vii.)                  Electric scale models especially old-timers and "vintage " models.

viii.)                 Electric precision aerobatic flying.

ix) Aerial combat based on a simple rugged EPP WW2 fighter designed within the club


Folks from all area clubs are welcome to join and attend our meetings both indoors and at the flying field. Newcomers to the hobby are especially welcome, and assistance in model selection building and learning to fly is provided for free. Folks wishing to learn more or wanting to come along and see electric models in action please contact the club president by clicking here.

A chat group has been formed for OREO members to swap news and ideas and ask questions, see OREOEFLT. You can choose to have messages from this group emailed to you one at a time, or in a digest, or you can just consult the "notice board" on the web whenever you have time and feel inclined.