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The Brutal Truth about the producer/director (a completely biased account from himself)

Quite frankly, I've been pleasantly surprised at the number of responses that I have received to my call for short stories (over 50 and they’re still coming in!). Although there is a huge variation in the quality of the proposals, there is, in my opinion, a significant amount of good stuff. The hard part is deciding. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 worthy pieces that fall into a similar genre or theme. Well, I’ll just keep the others for the sequel!
The film is to be comprised of 12 chapters or short stories ranging from fantasy to documentary, 1 to 10 minutes in length. These stories each have a different look or texture, partially due to their story line and partly because of their being shot by different camera people (DPs). Out of necessity these films need to be shot with a minimum of props and locations.
A bit about me: I am originally a painter (BA '75 York University, MFA '82 Concordia University) with considerable experience in various media. Having cut my teeth on shorts and experimental stuff, this is my first feature length film and I am generously supported by many good friends in the industry (NFB, CBC, etc.). People donating their time and energy (and stories) are shouldering part of my risk. They become my collaborators and we will work together and hope for positive results and a good experience!

STUFF THAT I'VE HEARD:              
(Confessions of a shoe-aholic, Towne Shoes, geraldine martinez-magarelli, 236 pairs)
Delphine Garnier - http://creadelph.canalblog.com/  




marina dempster


she's got high hopes


webcam story

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a lawyers dream

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higher ground


new chapter line-up: (can change again at a moments notice)

working titles only, estimated times and flexible order

Volume 1

½. Shoe-aholics (2½ min) animated

1. Webcam story (4½ minutes)

2. Higher Ground(2½ minutes)

3. Lawyers dreams (3½ minutes)


Volumes in the works:

Marina Dempster (8 minutes)

How to Walk in High Heels (2 min)

She's got High Hopes (4½ min)

Homeless (30 sec.)

Drive-in story (1 minute)