Migraine and Tannin

A few people have found that they can prevent their migraines by avoiding food that contains tannins.

This web site tells their stories. It explores the relationship between migraines and tannins. We hope to encourage research into this relationship.

Sometimes, migraines are a sign of something seriously wrong. If so, you may need medical attention, and you may need it fast. Do not let this site delay you in seeking medical help.

Important notice

The ideas on this web site have NOT been tested scientifically (as far as we know). They are based on anecdotal evidence - the stories we have been told by people who have benefitted greatly.

However, the ideas seem to be important, and we feel obliged to make them public.

Please read our cautions before continuing.

Site map

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Summary of the connection between migraine and tannin.
Personal stories
People tell their stories about the migraine-tannin connection.
How they avoid tannins and prevent migraines
The lessons that have been learned.
What foods contain tannins?
If you are going to avoid tannins, you will need to know what foods contain tannins and how much they contain.
Why do we think tannins cause migraines?
This is a discussion of why we think tannins cause migraines.
What research is being done into the migraine-tannin connection, and what research would we like to see done.
Mission statement
This is what we are trying to do with this site.
How to contact us
Please contact us to tell your story or help our work.

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