Migraine and Tannin

What foods contain tannins?

We would like to have here a list of foods and their tannin contents. We would like to make it easy to get an idea of the tannin content of any food you might wish. Unfortunately, we have not found such a list.

For now we can only give you partial information. We cannot guarantee the accuracy.

We welcome better information.

FOOD              TANNIN?      NOTES

Apple juice         Yes      Cloudy kinds are particularly strong.
                             Many other juice drinks contain apple
                             juice. (Read the label.)
Blackberry juice    Yes
Orange juice        No
Lemon juice         No
Cola drinks         No       They do contain caffeine
Soft drinks         No       (This means artificial soft drinks 
                             that do not contain real juice.)
Black tea           Yes      This is the usual tea in America 
                             and Europe. As it is brewed, you can
                             see it getting stronger in tannin.
Green tea           -->      Small amount
Coffee              Yes
Chocolate           Yes
Herb teas           -->      Some yes, some no. Most are low on 
                             caffeine, but that does not mean
                             they are low on tannin.

Red wine            Yes
White wine          -->      Yes, if it has been matured in the 
                             barrel. No if not. Sometimes the 
                             label will say. Sometimes it won't.
Brandy              Yes
Whisky              Yes
Port                Yes
Sherry              Yes
Vodka               No
Gin                 No
Beer                -->      Dark beer, yes. Clear beers I don't 
Apple cider         Yes


Walnuts             Yes
Pecans              Yes
Others              -->      Probably.

VEGETABLES:         -->      Probably not very much


Apples              No       There may be tannins in the skin,
                             particularly deeper red skin.
Pears               No
Dates               Yes
Kiwi                Yes
Peach               Yes
Apricot             No
Berries             Yes      Depends on the berry
Strawberries        No

However, unripe fruit may have tannins. Damaged fruit 
(where it has gone brown) has tannins.

BREAD:           Light breads probably not much
                 Dark breads maybe
                 Watch out for breads that contain nuts.

GRAINS:          I don't know. 

MEAT:            No


Alfalfa          Yes
Chocolate        Yes
Carob            Yes

© Michael Mather 1998.

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