John Roscoe | motion graphics

Rue the Day - interactive audiographic

I wrote this interactive promotional video for a book the cover of which I had also designed (all of the photographs and photo treatments are also my own -- excluding the x-rays, of course!). Making the graphics follow the cursor as it passes over the image is an old trick in Flash, but keying a bunch of "hotspots" within the image to hi-fidelity audio cues is a neat twist. It also happens to follow the spirit of the text quoted: mercurial, playful and sometimes a little malevolent, too.

"I commissioned John to design the cover of my book and I was pleased with his work. When he explained that he could also create a unique, interactive audio-graphic to promote the book on my own and my publisher's websites, I was skeptical. I mean, he's only one man, right? He recorded me reading from the book and assembled the thing over a weekend -- the result is, I think, a lively and informed interpretation of Rue the Day."

"He's only one man, right?"
- Dr. Tanis MacDonald, author and client

Spike Jonze Film Festival Teaser - layered motion graphic

I made this teaser for a fictional film festival celebrating the work of Acadamy Award-winning director, Spike Jonze. The directors were assigned to us randomly, so it was a fluke that I wound up in charge of imagining and designing a festival for an artist I happen to like. Jonze not only directed some of my favorite movies, like Where the Wild Things Are, Being John Malkovich and Her, he also directed music videos for Fatboy Slim and The Beasty Boys -- all of whom I have featured in the video promotion for my (imaginary!) festival below.

"I knew John was going to do something interesting with the Spike Jonze Film Festival. He's had years of experience with motion graphics in other Adobe applications (like Edge and Flash), so even though the learning curve was steep -- he'd only just started learning After Effects when he put this together -- the end product was bound to show his familiarity with the timeless rules of filmic technique and editing protocol."

"He's had years of experience with motion graphics..."
- Kayla Kompter, Respected Peer.