1• 18-Wheelers must not exceed 44.5 cm in length, 8.5 cm in width and 11.5 cm in height

2• Overall weight cannot exceed 800g

3• The vehicle must have a cab and the trailer must pivot freely where the cab and trailer connect.

4• Wheels can't be modified with washers, bushings, bearings, etc. The wheels, axles and the chassis (wooden blocks that the axels fit into) that are supplied in the kits must be used. All other materials used in the completion and decoration of the trucks are open to creativity as long as you follow the specifications outlined within these rules.

5• Ten wheels must be used on the cab, and the other eight on the trailer. The truck must have all 18 wheels and they have to be on the track.

6• You cannot alter the length of the axles in any way

7• It is acceptable to put things on your truck, logs etc, as long as it conforms to the above requirements.

Not conforming to the guidelines will disqualify your truck in the eyes of the officials from the competition.

There is an award for DESIGN and SPEED


• If you need to add weights in the truck, fasten them so they can’t slide around

• If you are going to put weight under the truck, make sure that it is installed flush with the bottom of the truck so it won’t hit the track.

• Keep the weight low in the truck

• Make sure the wheels are all aligned