Sometimes moving to Scouts can be a nervous experience for a Cub. I know I was when I was a Cub. I felt good in Cubs and the idea of new leaders and new people worried me. I think I was worried because I didn't know what to expect and that I could have just as much fun and even more in Scouts!

In a lot of ways Scouts is similar to Cubs but there are some differences too. A group of Scouts is called a . You call your group of Cubs a Pack. There are Sixes in Cubs, and there are in Scouts. You will have a , which is in charge of his Patrol. Your Patrol Leader will help you learn new things you need to know.

The person in charge of the Troop is the , just like Akela was in Cubs. When the Troop Scouter calls , that means Scouts will form the shape of a Horseshoe, rather than form a circle.

What else is there? Oh yeah! Remember all the Cubs that went to Scouts before you did last year? They are still in Scouts so you will already know lots of people already and the people you don't know are looking forward to making friends with you.

See you in Scouts!