A man by the name of Dr. Oldfield (a dentist) brought Scouting to Whitby. He was part of Lord Baden-Powell’s original Scout Troop in England. The first troop was started in 1913 by Rev. Allen of All Saints Anglican Church with Mr. Sid Gibson as Scout Master.

They amalgamated with two other troops that were started in Whitby for a total of 75 boys. Scouting came to a stop because of World War I.

The war was over and Scouting resumed. The 1st Whitby Scout Group was originally organized on January 8, 1921 with the charter being granted on February 11, 1921. A Scouting year starts in September of one year and ends in June of the next. The group was started in the middle of the Scouting year 1920-21. The sponsor was All Saint’s Anglican Church and were registered with Scouts Canada as charter No. 3, meaning that 1st Whitby, not 1st Port Whitby (this was another group formed later) was the 3rd registered in Ontario. The Chairperson for Group Committee was Rev. T.G.A. Wright, Secretary was Mr. S. A. Baker and another Group member was W. Downie. The Scout Master was Bill Ashton and Gordon Noble as his assistant. There were 12 boys. The population in Whitby was 3500. Bill Ashton later became the caretaker for the Post Office that used to be located at the four corners in the center of town. Scout meetings were held in the church Sunday school, however, soon afterwards the troop rented a room on the 3rd floor over Whitfields Drug Store, the northwest corner of Brock and Dundas at the four corners. Dues were 5˘. This money was used for boys who could not afford to go to camp.

Sponsorship changed to the Community Scout Club. Group Committee included Chairman Samuel Tree, Secretary S. A. Baker and R.A. Hutchinson. The Scout Master was Bill Ashton with Gordon Noble and J. Matthews as his assistants. There were 26 boys in the troop.

Hugh Baker joins as the Scout Master of 1st Whitby. His family donated his Scout compass and lots of pictures of 1st Whitby at camp in the 20’s and 30’s. The family name was Bob and Margaret Martin, she is the niece of Hugh Baker. They live on Clear Spring Road north of Rossland.

Sponsorship returned to All Saint’s Anglican Church. It was during this year a Cub Pack was started by Frank Wells as Cub Master.

A Rover Crew was started under the leadership of Reginald R. Imole. There were 10 Rovers registered.

1st Whitby was too large and 2nd Whitby was started by Don Gilchrist as Scout Master.

Sponsorship was now held by the Whitby Local Association until 1959.

Again 1st Whitby became too large and 3rd Whitby was started by Bill Lawler as Scout Master.

1st Whitby Baptist Church took over the sponsorship of 1st Whitby.

Sponsorship changed to Gardenview United Church. This church was started from an overflow congregation of St. Mark’s. They held church services in Palmerston Avenue Public School and had intended to build a church on land they purchased on Garden Street. This never happened and the church soon ceased to exist.

A Venturer Company under the leadership of Gwen Jones was started. There were 6 boys registered.

A second Cub Pack was started under the leadership of Gordon Graham with 21 boys.

1st Whitby consisted of 9 Group Committee members, Lyle Bland was the Chairman, 10 leaders, 9 Venturers, 30 Scouts, 2 Cub Packs with 44 boys.

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on Cochrane Street took over the sponsorship. It was also in this year that Beavers was started. Leaders were Sandra Kane and Hazel Burger. Tragically, Sandra Kane was killed shortly after this.

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is the sponsor of 1st Whitby. The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts met at Palmerston Avenue Public School. The Chairperson was Wayne Henry, Vice-Chairperson was Linda Sommer, Rover Advisor was Michael Hourahine, Venturers was Jim Blight, Troop Scouter was Jim Moore, Cub Akela was Deborah Slute, Beaver Leader was Maureen Addison.