How old must I be to join 1st Whitby Scouts?

Scouts runs a program for youth 11, 12, 13 & 14 with an option to stay in the troop until 16 years of age. There is a beaver and cub program for youth younger than 11. If you are 10 and never been in Scouting and still would like to join Scouts, contact us.

Where and when do you meet?

The Troop meets at Captain Michael Vandenboss P.S. in Whitby from 6:15-8:15pm, excluding special outings and Heber Downs when we meet outdoors.

Do I have to be from Whitby to join the Troop?

No, there are no restrictions on local. There have been occations where youth have joined from other areas for the program or other reasons.

Do I have to wait until September to join the Troop?

No, you can join at anytime of the year. In fact we start the process of bringing up Cubs in Apr with canoe skills, so there is lots to do and learn all year, even though Sept is the official start of the program for the year.

How much does it cost?

Scouting is affordable. There is a yearly registration fee, the bulk of which goes to National. Dues are collected each week and stay in the troop to pay for various supplies and activities during the year. The rest of the costs are camp fees and we usually have a camp once a month. There is no profit in these fees, it is all spent on the youth, particularly food! Considering Scouts can spend over 500 hours with the Scout Troop during the year, we think we have a valued program.

Summer camps and special trips would be the largest cost, but again, food is the largest portion of the budget. Fundraising is available and Scouting should not be discouraging due to cost.

When do you camp?

1st Whitby Scouts is priviledged to be able to offer camps year round to Scouts. In the winter we may choose a cabin or even be more adventurous in a snow shelter!

What are camp fees spent on?

All fees are spent on you with most of the budget going to food. (Scouts eat a lot outdoors!) The rest goes to fuel and/or other camp fees to attend some camps. There is no profit in the Scouting program and no, the leaders don't get paid.

Why do I have to fundraise?

Simply stated, Scouts tend to be very hard on equipment. We use our equipment year round and sometimes in adverse conditions. We spend a great deal of effort ensuring that our equipment is in good shape and inevitably we find we need to replace equipment more frequently. We depend on fundraisers to keep our equipment safe and comfortable. Other funds are used to train leaders, including First Aid and still more is needed to help pay for major Jamborees that you will want to experience in your Scouting Career. Scouts before you have worked hard to build what we have and it is important that Scouts continue to work hard so the Group can offer the great program it does now.

How are your activites determined?

The 1st Whitby Scout Troop is an active Troop. The goal is to provide opportunities for Scouts to achieve thier Chief Scout Award. We strive to offer a camp or activity at least once a month. Our experience is this level of involvement keeps Scouts interested in the program, making for a wide range of opportunities to take advantage of.

While Leader's engage in alot of program planning behind the scenes, ideas from Scouts are very much welcomed and encouraged. Afterall this is your Scout Troop. You can talk with your Patrol Leader about your ideas, and he can bring them to the Court of Honour where your idea can be discussed and/or planned. From there the Court of Honour President will present it to the Troop Scouter.

How do I become Patrol Leader?

A Patrol leader is nominated by his patrol, but first must display an exemplary level of conduct and example and is expected to be achieved in the Scout Program.

What is the Court of Honour?

The Court of Honour is a group of Scouts that represent members of the troop. They bring ideas to leadership and can be involved in problem solving should the need arise. The members are nominated to their positions by their peers. Typically, these Scouts demonstrate exemplary Scouting Skills and have made significant achievements in their Troop and are now ready and willing to step up to a higher level of leadership within the Troop.

What do Parents need to do?

Parents are a huge asset to the Scout Troop. At the Scout level, parents can help out in transportation to camps and making sure youth arrive on time to activites and meetings. We would also ask that they be supportive of their Scout's program and efforts. While we do provide a fun and rich program, there is a direction and underlying program. A Scout who misses meetings or even camps does impact his troop.

Beyond that, Group Committee would appreciate a parent's assistance, even on a minimum level. Without Group Committee there is no Troop.