The Court of Honour is a meeting at which representatives of each patrol present and discuss issues involving the troop. A Court of Honour takes place once a month, called by the members on their own accord. They bring forward, in part, issues brought forward from other Scouts during their Patrol In Council Meetings. The Court of Honour, has the mandate to plan activites, provide feedback and contribute to their program by proposing thoughts and ideas to the Leadership. This process provides everyone a voice in the Troop, as each Court of Honour member represents his patrol. Problem solving is another responsiblility of the Court of Honour as well as setting some troop rules and some dicipline issues. The Court of Honour reports to the Troop Scouter and the President can be expected to attend Leaders Meetings to present resolutions to the Troop Scouter. The Court of Honour members are expected to set exemplary examples to Scouting to retain their positions. The responsibility should be fun and rewarding.

A Court of Honour is now being formed as of the Fall 2004. This page will be deticated to Court of Honour issues and announcements.