Once you have completed the requirements for Pathfinder, you may begin on your Chief Scout's Award,

Unlike the previous levels, you are expected to plan, work on and achieve your requirements largely on your own. You are required to present your progress to your Troop Scouter on a regular basis in writing.

In the end you will have earned ninteen Challenge Badges toward your Chief's Scout Award, among other requirements below. If you have any questions feel free to ask Scouter Jason.

The Chief's Scout Award adds the following requirements above the Pathfinder Level as outlined in your Scout Handbook. They are divided into six sections below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep a record of what you do. Keep an organised binder of your work. This binder will be submitted when you apply for the Chief Scout's Award.

World Conservation Badge

1. Earn the World Conservation Badge, which includes two additional environmental challenge badges , a conservation project and an environmental activity. A proposal for these projects must be submitted in writing before you begin or they may not be accepted.

a. Choose TWO of the following you have not already earned.

Agriculture, Fish & Wildlife, Horticulture, Forestry

Soil & Water Management, Recycling, Naturalist

b. Choose a conservation issue of importance to Canada and the world, and complete a project that includes some recognizable work in your community. Provide a report.

c. Take a leading role in planning and conducting an activity of your choice which focuses on the concept, "Think globally, act locally". Provide a report.

Standard First Aid

2. You are required to take and pass a Standard First Aid Course

Explore World Scouting

3. Complete the World Scouting requirements outlined in the Scout Handbook.

Community Service

4. Complete 30 hours of community service preferably not in Scouting. These hours are in addition to the hours spent on the Community Leadership Project below. All hours must be completed after you have earned your Pathfinder Award. Your troop Scouter is looking for more than park clean-ups or helping out in beavers. You must show a genuine effort to plan how you intend to complete your hours that are meaningful to you and your community. A portion of these hours must be in co-operation with a service club like Rotary, Lions, etc. You are responsible for planning and initiating your community service on your own. Present your proposal to your Troop Scouter before beginning. Keep a log.

Challenge Badges

5. You must have earned at least one Challenge Badge from each of the seven categories of Athletics, Outdoors, Home & Family, Personal Development, Science & Technology, Culture & Society and Environment. All in all you will be earning at least ninteen challenge badges of the near fifty available since the begining of your levels.

Challenging Program

6. Complete a challenging program under the direction of your Troop Scouter, that touches apon the four areas of Citizenship, Leadership, Personal Development & Outdoor Skills.

Challenging Program

This program should stretch your abilties in all ways. You may work on these requirements in your 3rd and 4th years. No requirements worked on during your Voyageur or Pathfinder Levels can count toward your proposal.

Before beginning on your Challenging Program, you need to select what you are going to do and submit a plan. As you then proceed with your requirements you will be documenting and submitting a final report. This report is forwarded with your application for the Chief Scout's Award to the Area Commissioner.

The following is a guideline to the level of achievement expected. Read the and refer back to the requirements.

The Requirements - Challenging Program

Citizenship - Activity Area

Community Leadership Project

Propose, plan and execute a Community Leadership Project of your choosing. You may work with another organization such as Rotary or CLOCA, but you must demonstrate leadership in your project by making key decsisons in selecting a project, submitting a proposal, getting proper approval, obtaining financing, obtaining other volunteers if needed, executing your project and following up with a summary.

A guideline is available to help you with your Community Leadership Project
Leadership - Activity Area

Troop Event

1. Plan and run a Troop activity or event of your choosing. Submit your plan to the Troop Scouter, with details of what, where, when and any costs. Provide a notice of your activty to other Scouts at least two weeks prior to the event. Provide a summary of your event about what you did, how it went and what you learned.

Demonstrate Active Leadership

2. Show a consistent ability and good attitude toward providing active leadership within the Troop. This includes wearing the uniform properly; providing a good example in language, attitude and behaviour; show a willingness to help less experienced Scouts gain confidence in their own abilities; Consistently fullfill duties of Patrol Leader, Assistent Patrol Leader or other positions within the Troop with strong attendance.

It is more than just 'being' a Patrol Leader, you must show the initiative as if the Troop Scouter could step out of the picture and the patrol/troop would still run successfully with your guidance. Note: This requirement will be evaluated by your Troop Scouter and your fellow Scouts.
Personal Development - Activity Area

Contribute to Troop Website

A Be a blogger on a regular basis for the 'For Scouts' section of the Troop's website.

Personal Fitness Program

B Develop and follow a personal fitness program for at least six months. Document your program.

Challenge Badges

C Earn ONE of the following you have not already earned.

Special Needs Awareness, Cultural Awareness,Heritage
Earn ONE of the following you have not already earned.

Engineering, Science, Space Exploration
Earn ONE of the following you have not already earned.

Individual Specialty, Communicator, Literary Arts, Performing Arts, Photography

Outdoor Skills - Activity Area
Earn THREE of the following you have not already earned.

Exploring, Advanced Tripping, Winter Scouting, Water Tripping, White Water
note: When planning your camps/expeditions, you are encouraged to plan one patrol activity, which will be without your leaders, excluding any water activites. This will be at the discretion of your Troop Scouter and with permission from your parents.

You goal should also be to have collected 100km in hiking camps or equivalents since your Voyageur Level.