Scouting History in Canada

Scouting came to Canada in the spring of 1908 - just months after the book "Scouting for Boys" was published in England. Canada's first Scout Troop and in fact North America's first Boy Scout Troop was in Port Morien, Nova Scotia in 1908.
The Canadian General Council of the Boy Scout Association was incorporated by an act of the Canadian Parliament on June 12, 1914.

1st Boy Scout Group in North America. Picture taken in 1910. Standing L-R: Alex MacDonalad, Dave McArrel, Charlie MacLeod. In front: Bobby Orr, James Meigher, George McArell, Scoutmaster: William Glover

2007: One World One Promise.
Scouting is celebrating it's 100th anniversary this year. Scouting started in 1907 with an experimental camp on Brownsea Island, United Kingdom, for 20 boys.
On 1 August 2007, as the sun rises from east to west, Scouts worldwide will gather to celebrate Scouting's Sunrise, exactly 100 years after Baden-Powell opened his experimental camp on Brownsea Island.

WHITBY -- Members of the 1st Whitby Scout Troop are pictured with Scouts Canada Centennial Bears. This bear is travelling from the 1st Whitby Scout Troop in Canada, to other Scout Troops all over the world during Scouting’s Centennial Year in 2007. It is our small way of giving spirit to this celebration and to link and make friends with other Scouts also celebrating the World Scouting Centenary.

Follow the bears travels and adventures throughout the centennial year on this page. Our goal is to touch as many Troops in as many different countries as possible during the year. Our cultures and languages may differ, but we are all the same in the World Brotherhood of Scouting! One World One Promise

Total distance travelled: 1283891km
My name is Aditya Pal Singh Dhaliwal. As of Jan 1st 2007, I will have lived in Canada a full 10 years. My experiences in the country have been good and bad. By far, my experience has been Scouts. Scouts gave me many opportunities that I have never been open to before. Being one with nature, camping outside, making fires, all these small details in my 2 years Scouting has made me the person I am now. Before I had joined Scouts, I had no knowledge of the outdoors, nor the interest to pursue it. Scouts really has opened my eyes.

I belong the the 1st Whitby Scout Troop. We are located in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. We are the oldest Scouting Group in the area, hence the name. We take pride in our uniforms and acknowledge our Scout promise everyday. To whomsoever is reading this, I urge them to do this as well. Not only will it gratify your own need for spirituality, but it will also show other people what kind of individual you are. So in the end, as a brotherhood, we must remember our promise, and follow it everyday.

My name is Kristopher. I'm in first Whitby Scouts. I'm new in Scouts. Scouts is fun. We have a camp coming up in the summer it's CJ 2007. In Canada camps can get wet. It can even snow in the middle of October like at one of our canoe camps that we had. I'm hoping that the bear might bring you happyness to you. In Scouts I like the camp and the canoeing. I also like swimming. Camps are fun when I get to hang out with my friends.
Hi! My name is Samuel McCabe. I'm an Assistant Patrol Leader in Hawk patrol in 1st Whitby Scouts in Canada. I have been in Scouting for 7 years as this is my 8th year in Scouting. All 8 years of my Scouting experience has been completely awesome!! In Canada we can do camping and have fun year-round because of our warm summers and our snowy winters. We do lots of camps like canoeing, dogsledding, archery, pellets with my Troop. I hope that when you receive this bear your Troop will realise that Scouting is awesome everywhere and that we are all united! Be prepared!!

9 January 2007

Whitby, Ontario, CANADA - The 1st Whitby Scout Troop begins the bear’s travels from Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Scouting came to Whitby in 1913 and 1st Whitby has a very long history in the area. During this centennial year of Scouting we wish the bear bon voyage and hope that he arrives safely in the hands of Scouts around the world. We wish you smiles and great adventures to you, where ever the bear may travel next.

CANADA -- Centennial Bear is pictured in front of a snow shelter at a winter camp with 1st Whitby Scouts, just before he embarks on his world tour.


9 January 2007

Gourock, Inverclyde, SCOTLAND- enroute

20 January 2007

Gourock, Inverclyde, SCOTLAND (Distance travelled from Canada: 5149km) 11:00hrs Gourock, Scotland

One small bear step for Scouting, one giant leap for World Scouting!

Hi guys! Just to let you know that I have arrived safely and am in good hands. Don't fancy their haggis much! yeuchhhh! lol. Photos to follow.

24 January 2007

Gourock, Inverclyde, SCOTLAND - Greenock District has had a special visitor this week in the form of Centenary Bear who has dropped in from the 1st Whitby Group, Canada on the first stop-off on his world tour. After meeting some leaders in District HQ the bear was to be found helping out at the 70th Jamboree participants’ car wash. This week he will visit a Beaver Colony and Cub Pack to see some Greenock Scouting in action. Next week find out where the Bear is off to on the next leg of the tour.

30 January 2007

Gourock, Inverclyde, SCOTLAND -

-- The Centennial Bear visit was part of these Scottish lads '100 things to do' to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Scouting

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SCOTLAND - "Hello Scouts around the world.
Happy centenary from the 70th Cub Scouts."

6 February 2007

Gourock, Inverclyde, SCOTLAND - Hello Scouts across the world. Humble greetings from the 70th Cub Scouts Finnart St.Paul's. Our section will be 75 years old this year, so we will be having a double celebration. Mr Centenary Bear joined in our activities last week and enjoyed a game of blow football. This week he will say farewell to our Pack as he makes his way on his 2nd trip to meet Scouts around the world. I wish him safe travels to this and future destinations and hope he has as much fun as did with us. I'm sure by the time he arrives back to the (1st Whitby Troop) in Canada he will have made 100's of new friends. I myself will follow his travels on the web page. So all the best and many happy greetings to one and all around our beautiful world.

SCOTLAND - Best wishes from the Clyde Unit who will be attending the 21st World Jamboree this summer. We are unit no 76 - the UK - come and visit us! Our unit is made of 29 Scouts and Explorer Scouts and 7 Guides. We have 4 leaders.

9 February 2007

Gourock, Inverclyde, SCOTLAND- Mr Centenary Bear has left the country! he is now en-route to the Falkland Islands and should arrive this time next week, give or take a day or two.

20 February 2007

Stanley, FALKLAND ISLANDS (Distance travelled from Scotland: 12812km)- Greetings from the South Atlantic !! The Centennial Bear has just arrived in the Falkland Islands via the weekly RAF 18 hour flight from UK. Tonight he will be going to visit the Cub Scouts of the 1st Falkland Islands Cub hope he gets over his jet lag quick !!

22 February 2007

Stanley, FALKLAND ISLANDS- The 1st Falkland Islands Cub Scouts would like to wish you all a Very Happy Baden Powells Birthday. Hopefully the weather will pick up before centennial bear leaves us so that he can do a spot of sightseeing and maybe some fishing!!

FALKLAND ISLANDS - Here we are in the rain by the sign to Stanley our capital city (town). We are twinned with Whitby in Yorkshire UK as both towns have a whale bone arch.

FALKLAND ISLANDS - At the whale bone arch made from the jaw bones of 2 whales - in the background is Christchurch Cathedral - the most southerly Cathedral in the world. - Did you spot centennial bear ??

22 February 2007

Stanley, FALKLAND ISLANDS- It was such a lovely evening that C Bear and his new mate Charlie went down to the sea !!

FALKLAND ISLANDS - Here he is looking at the penguins - unfortunately we are not allowed on that huge white sand beach as it is full of land mines left by the Argentinians in the war in 1982.

24 February 2007

Stanley, FALKLAND ISLANDS- Just to let you know that Centennial Bear is off on his travels again !! He packed his suitcase yesterday, but the plane didnt arrive...apparently the pilot told the passengers that the winds were toooooo high in Falklands to land...we didnt have any wind here at all, in fact we have had 3 lovely summer days on the trot !! Anyway the plane has now arrived and Centennial Bear will be making a VERY long journey to Australia - 12800km back to UK then 19,000 to Australia...Australia is just round the corner from us down here, but no direct airpost !! Anyway have a great Scouting year...we too will be taking part in a sunrise ceremony on August 1st, around the Governors flagpole at Government House.

24 February 2007

AUSTRALIA- enroute via London, United Kingdom

6 March 2007

Canberra, AUSTRALIA (Distance travelled from Falkland Islands: 29786km)- Mr. Centennial Bear has arrived down under! Currently visiting, Coolibah Cub Scout Pack, and Adina Cub Scout Pack which is part of the Crowajingalong Scout Group, in Evatt Canberra

AUSTRALIA -- Centennial Bear visits with the Coolibah Pack, Crowajingalong Scout Group, in Evatt Canberra.
AUSTRALIA -- Centennial Bear spends some time on the beach in Australia.

News is travelling around the globe about our well travelled centennial bear. To keep the spirit going follow centennial bear 'Molasses' trip in red.

15 March 2007

Newcastle, SOUTH AFRICA- Travelling to South Africa.

Centennial History Byte: Robert Baden Powell as a young army officer, specialised in scouting, map-making and reconnaissance. His success soon led to his training other soldiers. B-P's methods were out of the ordinary for those days; small units or patrols working together under one leader, with special recognition for those who did well. For proficiency, B-P awarded his trainees badges resembling the traditional design of the north compass point. Today's universal Scout badge is very similar.

Crucial tests for B-P's scouting skills came during the 217-day siege of Mafeking in South Africa which he helped to defend. The courage and resourcefulness shown by the boys in the corps of messengers at Mafeking made a lasting impression on him.

Returning home in 1903 he found that the small handbook he had written for soldiers ("Aids to Scouting") was being used by youth leaders and teachers all over the country to teach observation and woodcraft. He would later re-write that book with a youth focus titled, 'Scouting for Boys'.

SOUTH AFRICA -- Centennial Bear is pictured with the 3rd Newcastle Scout Troop!

29 March 2007

Whitby, NEW ZEALAND- Travelling to New Zealand

Below is an image of a Tuatara which are found only in New Zealand. They are the only extant members of the Order Sphenodontia, which were seen during the age of the dinosaurs, some 200 million years ago. All species apart from the tuatara declined and eventually became extinct about 60 million years ago.

3 April 2007

KINGDOM OF BELGIUM- Travelling to Belgium to take part in Belgium's Kamp100 to celebrate the centennial!

10 April 2007

Whitby, NEW ZEALAND (Distance travelled from Australia: 2333km- Centennial Bear touches down in WHITBY, New Zealand!! Thats right, Whitby, New Zealand. Log and photos to follow!

16 April 2007

Laarne, BELGIUM (Distance travelled: 6007km- I arrived last Thuseday in Belgium. Here it is 26 degrees Celsius, which is unbelivably high for Easter...

I've already eaten kilos of Belgian chocolate and French fries, which curiously enough is a Belgian and not a French speciality!

Untill now I haven't done much besides eaten special Belgian food because I arrived at a very difficult moment. The troupes chief and her scout brother and girl guide sister lost thier mother last week, which caused all scouts of the 24° Tom Wilson -my troupe for my short stay in Belgium- to suspend there actions for one week.

But there 's no need to panic, my journey will still be one of great moments and laughter!

First I will visit Brussels, Bruges and Gent. I heared that there will be some scout of each city to take me to the coolest places and take pictures of me with "manneken pies", under the Atomium, with Jakob Van Artevelde and so on.

Perhaps I will also go to Liege and Antwerp, but this still has to be confirmed by my host.

It is also rumoured that I will visit Holland.

My official entry in the 24° Tom Wilson will be this Saterday.

The last thing I have to say for now is that I might stay for the I don't really know what this is but based on what I've heared, my excpectations are verry high for this biggest scout happening ever organised for Belgian scouts!

Mr Bear.

*CPMG: Cordiale poignée de la main gauche = friendly left hand shake (or something like that).

VINDERHOUTE -- Want to see more images? Click here

28 April 2007

Brussels, BELGIUM- Photos from Kamp100, Belgian Scouts celebrating the centennial.

KAMP100 -- Centennial Bear poses for pictures with Belgian Scouts celebrating the centennial at Kamp100. Want to see more images? Click here and here

30 April 2007

San Paulo, BRAZIL (Distance travelled from New Zealand: 12372km-

BRAZIL -- Centennial Bear takes a well deserved nap after arriving in Brazil before meeting Scouts

5 May 2007

San Paulo, BRAZIL-

BRAZIL -- Centennial Bear meets with youth from Brazil as centennial messages are shared outloud.

19 May 2007


NETHERLANDS -- Centennial Bear meets with youth from Brigitta Scoutinggroep, Holland.

24 May 2007

GREENLAND- travelling to just above the Arctic Circle - Greenland

31 May 2007

Pruszków, POLAND (Distance travelled from South Africa: 9130km)

POLAND -- Centennial Bear visits with the 41 PDH "Sokól" Scout Group in Poland!

POLAND -- Centennial Bear shows off his new uniform as he was invested

23 June 2007

Landa, NORWAY (Distance travelled from Netherlands: 1086km)

NORWAY -- BJØRN waves the Norwegian Flag in Norway.

11 June 2007

Landa, NORWAY (Distance travelled from Netherlands: 1086km)

NORWAY -- The centennial bear, BJØRN, (Bjørn is a real vikingname and means bear, or strength of a bear) visits Norwegian Scouts during Landa 2007.

NORWAY -- Centennial Bear participated in Landa 2007. The camp was a regional summercamp where we were about 650 scouts and leaders, lived like they did 2000 years ago here in Norway. All the vikingclothes are copies from autentic vikingclothes and it is the scouts that have made them themselves. Landa is the name of this viking village which was in Forsand Community, and it was built more trhan 2000 years ago. The houses are reconstructed to give us an example how they lived more than 2000 years ago in the bronce-age. At the summercamp they learned how to survive in the mountains alone for 24 hours. They made all thing to decorate themselv like Viking Helments, Pearls, Axes, Knives, Reconstructing a Viking Grave, Slaughtering chicken themselves and how to cook the chicken using hot stones.

5 July 2007

Kristianstad, SWEDEN (Distance travelled from Norway: 261km)

6 July 2007
Kristianstad, SWEDEN

SWEDEN -- Sixteen Scouts from France (in red) visit with the bear in Sweden! They were spending some time in Sweden before heading to the Jiingijamboree in Sweden.

6 July 2007

Qrendi, MALTA (Distance travelled from Poland: 1841km)
Thomas, the Bear has spent this last two weeks in Malta, where he has participated in a sports day activity with our scouts and attended a meeting with our Cub Scouts.

He has spent time with the Qrendi Scout Group where he has visited places of interest in our village such as the Hagar Qim Neolithic Temples (3500 B.C.) and also visited the famous Blue Grotto. He was also given free time to wander around in some trees to escape the hot sun.

The Qrendi Scout Group has awarded Thomas, the Centenary Bear with the Raksha Badge in recognition of his interest during the cub scouts’ meeting. The award was presented to Thomas by Assistant Cub Scout Leader Brenda Zammit during one of the scouting activities

Thomas, l-ors tas-seklu qatta’ dawn l-ahhar hmistax gewwa Malta fejn ippartecipa f’attivita sportiva mal-iscouts u attenda laqgha mal-Cub Scouts.

Huwa qatta’ hin mal-Qrendi Scout Group fejn huwa zar postijiet t’interess gewwa r-rahal taghna bhal m’huma t-tempji neolitici ta’ Hagar Qim (3500 Q.K.) kif ukoll zar il-famuz Blue Grotto. Huwa nghata hin liberu biex igawdi ftit hin that is-sigar biex jahrab mix-xemx qawwija.

Il-Qrendi Scout Group ippremjaw lil Thomas, l-ors tas-seklu bil-premju, Raksha Award bhala gharfien tal-interess li huwa ha waqt meeting tal-Cub Scouts. Dan ir-rikonoxximent inghata lil Thomas mill-Assistant Cub Scout Leader Brenda Zammit waqt wahda mill-attivitajiet tal-iScouts.

MALTA -- Making friends is easy in Malta.

MALTA -- Centennial Bear 'Thomas'overlooks the Blue Grotto

14 July 2007

Kristianstad, SWEDEN

SWEDEN -- Centennial Bear has now attended Jiingijamboree in Rinkaby, Kristianstad, Sweden. The camp started on August 14th and took place on the very same fields in which the next world jamboree, in 2011, will be situated!

It was a wonderful jamboree with almost 20.000 scouts, mostly from Sweden, but among them also 2.000 scouts from 30 different countries.

The local news paper wrote daily about the camp. One day there was an article about Centennial Bear, with the photo of him sitting at the Swedish flag!

The picture above was taken during the opening ceremony.

SWEDEN -- Centennial Bear sits with two scouts from Nosaby Scout Troup, Anton and Lisa at the Jiingijamboree.

19 July 2007

ENGLAND-- travelling to the World Jamboree and the Sunrise Ceremony on Brownsea Island

ENGLAND -- Centennial Bear passes through the gates at the World Jamboree.

1 Aug 2007

Brownsea Island, UNITED KINGDOM (Distance travelled from Sweden: 1420km)

BROWNSEA ISLAND -- Centennial Bear participates in the Sunrise Ceremony on Brownsea Island, United Kingdom."One World, One Promise"

8 Aug 2007

21st WORLD SCOUT JAMBOREE -- Centennial Bear is pictured at the closing Ceremonies of the 21st World Scout Jamboree.

13 Aug 2007

DENMARK-- travelling to the Denmark for the Danish National Jamboree

25 Aug 2007

DENMARK (Distance travelled from United Kingdom: 1924km)

DENMARK -- Centennial Bear makes his mark on a Scout Graffiti board at the Danish National Jamboree.

DENMARK -- Centennial Bear takes to the Wilderness with Danish Scouts for a Canoe Trip.

28 Aug 2007

PORTUGAL (Distance travelled from MALTA: 2007km)

PORTUGAL -- Centennial Bear visits with Scouts from Portugal!.

PORTUGAL -- escoteiros do Grupo 129 Torres Vedras.

PORTUGAL -- Olá Mundo!! Nós somos os escoteiros do Grupo 129 Torres Vedras e adorámos ter participado nesta fantástica experiência que foi acolher o pequeno urso do centenário! O urso participou connosco na nossa actividade de verão num acampamento que realizámos perto da cidade de Coimbra no zona centro de Portugal. Vamos sentir a falta deste pequeno companheiro!!! Boa Caça!

Hello World!! We are the Portuguese Scouts from the 129th Group – Torres Vedras. We have loved this amazing experience that was received and hostage the little centennial bear! The bear have gone with us for a camp in last summer near the city of Coimbra, in the central zone of Portugal. We will miss a lot our little buddy!! Be Prepared!

17 Sept 2007

Roskilde Fjord, DENMARK

BOLUND -- Centennial Bear visits the Islet Bolund in Roskilde Fjord at sunset with Scouts Tine and Stine.

BOLUND -- Centennial Bear with the Islet Bolund in Roskilde Fjord in the background.

Sept 2007

travelling to ICELAND (Distance travelled from Denmark 1806km)



ICELAND -- Centennial Bear (Bjorn) helped Icelandic Scouts celebrate the 100th anniversary of Scouting and was at the big festival celebrating the 95th year of Scouting in Iceland.

Oct 2007

Travelling to ITALY (Distance travelled from Portugal: 1776km)

ITALY -- Lariano, ITALY. Photos coming!

ITALY -- Lariano, ITALY. Photos coming!

ITALY -- Lariano, ITALY. Photos coming!

ITALY -- Lariano, ITALY. Photos coming!

Nov 2007

Travelling to Tallinn, ESTONIA (Distance travelled from Italy: 2011km)


Nov 2007

Tallinn, ESTONIA

ESTONIA -- Centennial Bear poses with 'Hedgehog' Group in Estonia!

ESTONIA -- Centennial Bear meets Hedgehog mascots!

Nov 2007

Travelling to Kenmore, New York, USA (Distance travelled from Iceland: 4448km

United States of America

USA -- Centennial Bear becomes an American Idol at Troop 104 in Kenmore, New York.

12 December 2007

Warsaw, POLAND (Distance travelled from Tallinn, Estonia: 864km

WARSAW -- Hello! We are the Coral Reef Dweller scout troop from Warsaw, Poland. We are cub scouts, both girls and boys aged 7 to 11, and there are scouts too. Our troop is divided into sixes: fish, octopuses and seahorses. We work on lots of badges and in summer we go to a scout camp near Warsaw. This summer, we went to the Polish scout rally in Kielce. Our troop fulfilled all the centenary requirements and was awarded a diploma.

WARSAW -- Centennial Bear reads the log book with Wojtek Komorowski and Adam Kozluk from the Deby Scout Troop in Poland.

WARSAW -- Centennial Bear stops for a photo opportunity in front of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland.

WARSAW -- Centennial Bear stops for another photo, this time in front of the Mermaid statue which is the symbol of Warsaw.

We are very happy that Centennial Bear has travelled to see us. We have involved him in our cub scout activities and he has been awarded our troop scarf, the Polish cub scout (ZUCH) badge, and "Mermaid" badge - symbol of Warsaw. We have introduced him to the younger children at Varsovia School where we hold our troop meetings as they had just celebrated their annual "Teddy Bear Day" festival. All the children wanted to take him home for the holidays, but as this was not possible, he was looked after during the festive season by one of the cub scouts.

He travelled up to the north-east of Poland to Wigry National Park where there are lakes and forests, probably not so different from Canada. He also got to know some Polish Christmas traditions and in the photos you can see him joining in:

During Advent we make a wreath with four candles for each of the Sundays of Advent. Poland celebrates Christmas Eve with a special supper consisting traditionally of 12 meatless dishes. Some hay is put underneath the table cloth and an extra table setting is always laid for an "unexpected guest" or "weary traveller". When the first star appears in the sky, the supper begins with the sharing of blessed wafer bread and good wishes for everyone present.

We are honoured to have hosted Centennial Bear in the Centenary Scouting Year. Thank you to all 1st Whitby Scouts!

20 February 2008

Whitby, CANADA (Distance travelled from Warsaw, Poland: 7033km

WHITBY -- 1st Whitby Scouts read messages in Centennial Bear's travel journal on his return from his world tour during the Centennial Year of Scouting.

More to come!