Camping with fellow Scouts can be fun and packed with memorable experiences, but there are some things that Scouts do, or more importantly what they don't do that can put a dent in their camping experience. There are some very common errors that Scouts make that can make them uncomfortable and even sick. When this happens it impacts your Troop.

The Camping Tips section is divided into six parts and are found linked in the menu to the left. In the first two sections we talk about what you can do for your body, like Dehydration and Hypothermia. The third to fifth section, talks about Comfort Tips, Keeping Dry and Dressing in Layers. The final section deals with Emergencies like what to do if you get lost.

My advice will allow you to have fun more comfortably and safely. Apply them to any activity throughout the year. These are important points. Read them carefully and share your knowledge.