Dehydration is by far the most common mistake Scouts make. Scouts often get dehydrated and don't realize it. It makes you feel tired and wears down your strength and stamina. You will feel less energetic in doing things and your body will have to recover so you will have less energy for the next day. You can even feel irritable and even nauseous.

Dehydration occurs too often and is something to watch for year round. In a signal day your body will displace two or more litres of water. You are constantly evaporating water, most often invisibly, from your skin. These fluids must be replaced. Learn to drink regularly before these signs mentioned below. Remember, when your thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Learning to avoid dehydration will make you feel more comfortable and have more fun. Bring your canteen!

First Aid

A mildly dehydrated person may show some or all of the following signs.

dry tongue
pale, cool, clammy skin
faster pulse
You are not a cactus!