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The POD midi controller for Windows

Do you have a LINE 6 POD (shown in picture above) and want to access all the extra "deep editing" controls unavailable from the POD front panel (like Reverb Diffusion etc.)  or want to be able to try POD patches from the LINE 6 Custom Tone Website?  Well here is an alternative to SoundDiver, Line 6 Edit and PatchWizard. Podman is a free Windows POD controller. It gives you access to all the POD deep editing features and can be used to open Line 6 Edit and SoundDiver patch files. It is very simple and straightforward to use and it works fine with old computer hardware.

***Note on POD compatibility***
PODMAN is designed to operate with the Line 6 POD version 2. However, the program should also work with the POD Pro or Flextone II. It will NOT WORK with other Line 6 products such as PODxt, Bass POD etc. See full system requirements below.

Screen shots

Click the images or links below to see screen shots of the PODMAN 32 interface.

PODMAN 32 on Windows 98/2000 PODMAN 32 on Windows XP
PODMAN 32 on Windows Vista/7

Version History


  • First release, designed for my original POD with 1.4 eprom
  • Designed for Windows 3.1 which is what I was running back then!


  • Modified after I upgraded my POD to version 2.0
  • Added support for the 4 new amp models and new cab model


  • Added import function so it can import patches from SoundDiver lib files


  • Added control for Rotary Speaker depth (intensity)
  • Fixed range for Delay Time (original POD specks said delay time was  0 to 3140 ms -- latest documentation says 0 to 3150 ms)

PODMAN 32 Version 2.51

  • PODMAN 32 - Recompiled PODMAN 2.51 for 32-bit Windows versions (ie. Windows 95, 98, NT etc.) 
  • Adds long filename support. 

PODMAN 32 Version 3.0

  • Version 3.0 - New interface 
  • Better midi support 

PODMAN 32 Version 3.1

  • Added Patch menu. Enables you to change POD patches from PODMAN 
  • Fixed a couple of bugs 

PODMAN 32 Version 3.2

  • Now imports POD 2 patches from Line 6 Edit tone and bundle files! 

PODMAN 32 Version 3.21

  • Fixes compatibility issue with Line 6 Edit version 2 tone files - no longer get "Corrupt patch file!" error when importing Line 6 Edit version 2 files

PODMAN 32 Version 3.3

  • Can now read, display and change the patch name stored with each patch on the POD.
  • This version was actually produced due to a request by a user. The patch name feature was originally intended as part of the version 4.0 update.

PODMAN 32 Version 4.0

  • Finally, you can now save patches to the POD directly from the PODMAN program.
  • Can now backup your entire POD, saving all 36 patches to a single file using the new Save All command.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs and updated a few other minor things.

PODMAN 32 Version 4.01

  • Added control for Flanger pre delay - the POD manual and the SoundDiver software don't show pre delay for the flanger, but the latest POD sysex documents from LINE 6 show flanger pre delay and a pre delay control for flanger is available in Line 6 Edit.
  • A couple of minor changes were made to the patch import for Line 6 Edit tone files.

PODMAN 32 Version 4.2

  • Now imports GuitarPort version 1 files! The Line 6 authored patches for POD 2 on the Custom Tone website are actually GuitarPort version 1 files. Podman now imports these files.
  • Podman now displays the POD patch settings when you open or import a patch without a POD connected to the computer. Before, you had to have a POD connected to the computer in order to open or import a patch.
  • Reversed the direction of the Noise Gate Threshold slider so moving the slider up now raises the threshold instead of lowering it.
  • Podman auto updates the display after you use the tap tempo control.

PODMAN 32 Version 4.3

  • Added a Windows Help file
  • Added a switchable Link Amp Model option that gives you the option of changing amp models without changing all the other POD parameters like cab model, reverb settings etc.

PODMAN 32 Version 4.31

  • Fixed a couple of typos in the Help File.
  • Fixed a bug with the Rotary effect - when the effect is turned off and you adjust the effect tweak/Rotary depth control the Rotary effect is automatically switched back on, but in Podman, the Trem/Chorus switch was still showing as being off.

PODMAN 32 Version 4.4

  • Updated for Line 6 Edit version 3!
  • With Line 6 Edit version 3 some changes were made to the POD 2 patches and it is now possible to save patches for the Flextone II and POD Pro. Also, version 3 adds new collection files that can contain several patches in a single file. This version of Podman 32 can import patches for POD 2, Flextone II and POD Pro from tone, bundle or collection files.

PODMAN 32 Version 4.4b

  • Minor update. Added a redraw window command after importing patches. I noticed that sometimes after importing patches, some of the slider handles were not displaying on the screen, so I added a command to redraw the window after an import which seems to have fixed it.

PODMAN 32 Version 4.5

  • Starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft decided to drop support for the old Windows help system that I had used to write the help file for Podman 32. (For more information see Microsoft Knowledge Base article KB917607 ). Microsoft recommends that developers switch to one of the newer help formats supported by Windows. So for this version of PODMAN I created a new help file based on HTML help. HTML help was introduced with Windows 98 so the help file will run on Windows 98 and newer. Supposedly it can even work on Windows 95 with a download from Microsoft, but as I no longer have a Windows 95 computer to test it on I can't verify this.

PODMAN 32 Version 4.5b

  • Minor update. A Podman user, Roman Varas, alerted me to an issue with his MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV and PODMAN. With this setup, Podman was sending MIDI data on all 8 of the Timepiece's MIDI out ports instead of just one. This version fixes the problem.

PODMAN 32 Version 4.5c

  • Minor update. I discovered a little bug in version 4.5b It turns out I forgot a couple of brackets in one section of the code. The code section is only run when you first run the program and the bug only shows up in certain situations. For example, on my computer, it only happens if I don't have a Midi interface installed on the computer. If I open Podman32, I will get the MIDI Setup window as usual, but after I click the Cancel or OK buttons nothing seems to happen and the program hangs for a long time. This new version fixes it.

System Requirements

To use PODMAN 32 you will need the following hardware and software:

*NOTE: PODMAN 32 is a 32-bit program, but should run on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

**NOTE: This program does NOT work with newer LINE 6 products like POD XT, POD X3, Floor POD, Bass POD, Flextone III etc.


To download version 4.5c of PODMAN 32 for Windows, click here.

The download consists of a zip file which contains the program file  (podman32.exe),   a windows help file  (podman32.chm)  and a readme file  (readme.txt). After downloading the zip file, just unzip/extract the files and run podman32.exe to run the program. Both the readme file and the help file contain basic instructions on using PODMAN. Feel free to email me at with any questions or comments you might have concerning the PODMAN program. Please do NOT SPAM!


  • Don't forget to check out the LINE 6 web site (the makers of POD and other cool guitar gear)
  • While you are there, check out their Tone Transfer / Custom Tone web site to get some POD patches
  • The Guitar And Sound Forum is a great place to get some answers to your guitar and music gear questions. This forum replaces BenoA's POD Forum as most of the users were no longer using the POD, so BenoA decided to replace it with this new forum. Lots of knowledgeable and friendly users on this forum.

Last updated August 11, 2014